Bendazole hydrochloride 20 mg
Indication, administration, dosing:
Hyprtonic disease, coronary disease, hypertonic crisis, angiospasm, gastro-duodenal ulcer, spastic pylorus, spastic colitis, facial nerve palsy, poliomyelitis sequalae, polineuritis. 2-3 times by 1-2 tablets per day before 2 hours of meal or after 2 hours of meal. Maximum single dose is 0.05 g and maximum daily dose is 0.15 g. 0.005 g per day (or every other day) for 5-10 days regimen is used for neural system disorders. Next treatment course interval is scheduled 1-2 months later. For pediadric use 0.001 g up to 1 year-old, 0.002 g for 1-3 year-old, 0.003 g for 4-8 year-old,0.004 g for 9-12 year-old, 0.005 g for over 12 year-old.
Contraindicated in hypertensive and old patients.

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