Gyno V

Neomycini 50.2 mg+ Nystatin 100000 IU+ Polymyxin B 35000 IU

Indication : Vaginal white discharge, bacterial vaginosis, vulvitis.

Administration and dosage: Gently insert the vaginal suppositories into the deep vagina. In the evenings, total 6 suppositories will be used. In chronic inflammatory process 1-2 suppositories can be used for 6-12 days (morning and evening).
Ask your doctor and pharmacist detailed information!

Caution: Should be used short term to avoid renal or hearing impairment. contraindicated in patients with hypersensitive to this medication or to any of its ingredients. Drug sensitivity test should be done before use and should be used shortest available duration to avoid ddrug incontinence. Only for vaginal use. Not for oral use. Should be continued in menstruation period.