Administration and indication:
Indication: prevention or with treatment combination of associated toxic and secondary immunodeficiency.

· Radical combination therapy of neoplasm (surgery and chemo-radiotherapy), combination or symptomatic therapy of variuos tumors (stage III-IV).

· Combination therapy of chronic viral hepatitis and brucellosis.

· Combination therapy of Infectious disorders (cytomegalovirus, toxoplasmosis, chlamydosis, pneumocystosis, criptospirodiasis) secondary to HIV infection or immunodeficiency.

· Surgical patients, longstanding limb ulcers with complicated by sepsis, cholecystopancreatitis, septic endocarditis, III-IV degree burn with sepsis.

· Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, reumathoid arthritis, psoriasis.

· Combination therapy of ocular inflammatory disorders.

· Diphtheria carrier and diphtheria – Combination therapy of laryngeal papillomatosis.
Ask your doctor and pharmacist detailed information!

Individual specific intolerance and allergic reaction maybe encounter. Chronic inflammatory condition will be recurred due to phagocytotic activation from bacterial or viral antigen tolerance.