Khorosol 50-water

Sodium chloride, potassium chloride, sodium citrate, glucose
Indication, administration, dosing:
Acute diarhhea, water-salt imbalance. Insert pack of powder into a warm water (35-40⁰С) and stir until dissolve completely. Adults and >12 year-old children: Drink 50-100ml of solution in a 3-5 min intervals. Infant and toddlers: 1-2 spoons of soltion in a 3-5 min intervals. 40-50 ml/kg in mild case and 80-100 ml/kg in moderate ones. Thereafter drink 80-100m ml/kg dosage until maintanence of water-salt balance. In a water-salt imbalance of other causes drink 100-900 ml of solution first 30 minutes and thereafter drinks 40 minute intervals until resolution of imbalance.
Contraindicated to hypersensetive to ingredients, renal dysfunction, diabetic patients.