OrviCold (simple, lemon, raspberry, orange)

Indication : symptomatic treatment of influenza and cold.

Including: Fever, chills, headache, arthralgia, nasal congestion, rhinorhea.

Administration and dosage: Oral use. Dissolve 1 pack of preparation into 1 cup of warm water and drink. Up to 3 packs a day for 4-6 hours for adults and children above 12 years (until symptom relief). If symptom persists within 3 days contact your doctor.
Ask your doctor and pharmacist detailed information!

Caution: Not for use >3 days without prescription. Caution for overdose! Do not use with other similar drugs such as paracetamol, decongestan, antihistamine ets,. 1 pack contains 9.4 gr sugar and need for caution for Diabetic patients. Contra-indicated in patients with congenital glucose-galactose malabsorbtion disorders.