Povidone iodine 1%, 5%, 7.5%, 10%

Povidone iodine
For disinfecting surgeon’s hand, surgery, injection, injection site, surgical discharge of all surgical or traumatic wounds, oral ulcers, gum disease, tonsillitis, nasal ulcers, inflammation of the nasal cavity, and disinfection influenza-like illness, vaginitis and disinfectants, purulent skin infections, such as skin acne, furuncle, fungal, fungal, and all other types of disinfectants, such as washing, rubbing, tampons, and bandages.
Not Applicable for people, who feel too sensual for components of the product, people with hyperthyroidism, kidney failure, people who had thyroidectomy, people who are in pre stage of iodine therapy and breastfeeding woman.