Ingredient :
Progesteron 100мг
Administration and indication:
Indication: Irregular menstrual cycle due to ovulation disorders.

· Premenstrual symptoms – Pain and mastopthy

· Bleeding (due to fibroma etc,.)

· Perimenopausal treatment. (combination with estrogen)

· Recurrent medical abortion

· In Vitro Fertilization (IVF)

Administration and dosage: Prescription only medicine. 200-300 mg per day in a low progesterone level. Doctor maybe increases dosage up to 600 mg a day, especially to promote pregnancy and can be used 3 times a day. Single dose can not exceed 200 mg either vaginal or oral administration.
Ask your doctor and pharmacist detailed information!

Idiopathic veginal bleeding

Thrombotic tendency

· Breast or reproductive tract cancer (especially when suspected cases)

· Incomplete abortion

· Porphyria

· Severe dysfunction of liver